Welcome to my Range of Postcard Style Invitations.

These invitations are:
10cm x 14.5cm and fit into a standard sized C6 envelope.
They are printed premium 260gsm glossy photopaper card.
MAGNETS are available for the back of each invitation at an extra cost of 0.05cents for each invitation .
Matching envelopes are available at a cost of only 0.50cents each.

See below for other matching items available in this range

Handy Manny Postcard Invitations
Cost:  $1.00 AUD (minimum order 6)

Matching Personalised Party Bubbles
Cost:  $1.20AUD per bubble bottle

Any design in my invitation database can be made to be used on the bubbles as displayed below.
Matching Personalised Lollipops
Cost: $0.50 AUD per lollipop (minimum purchase: 10)

Any design in my invitation database can be made to be used on the lollipops as displayed below
Matching Personalised Envelopes
Cost: $0.50 AUD per envelope (C6 size for postcard style)

Matching Personalised Party Loot Bag Stickers
Great idea for dressing up any bag you can get your hands on!
Great for noodle boxes!
Cost: $0.50AUD each (measure approximately 10cm x 7cm)
Matching Personalised Chocolate Wrapper + Chocolate.
Every design (see below for examples) I offer to you as an invitation I offer as
a personalized chocolate wrapper over a Cadbury furry friend in its original packaging
for only $1.20 each!

On the front they will have the design of your choice
and on the back they will have the simple message of:

"Thank you for coming to my Party!
I hope you had a wonderful time".

Cost: $1.20AUD each
NEW!!! Personalised Matching Children's Birthday Cards:   $2.00

My new item is personalised matching children's birthday cards for only $2.00 each.. These folded tent style birthday cards are 10cm x 14.5cm and fit into a standard sized C6 envelope. They are printed on 260gsm glossy photopaper card. They will come personalised with the child's name and age turning as pictured below. They come blank inside for you to personalise and are accompanied by a plain white C6 envelope to complete the package.

NEW!!! Personalised Party Loot bag & Topper: are only 0.90c each with minimum buy of 6.

My newest item is personalised matching children's party loot bags (resealable ziplock plastic bags 18 x 16.5cm) which you fill with your own goodies (bags come empty) and then adorn with the personalised matching bag topper (using doublesided tape or simply a stapled) after it has been folded in over and placed over the top of the bag. The topper measures 16.5cm by 14cm and is printed on quality 260gsm photographic glossy photocard (not flimsy or cheap looking!!!)

Matching Birthday Cards
Cost:  $2.00 AUD each​

​ These tent style cards are:
· 10cm x 14.5cm and fit into a standard sized C6 envelope - they are blank inside for your own special message.
 · printed premium 260 gsm glossy photopaper card
Each card comes with a free white envelope
Hootabelle Invitations
Hootabelle Invites

*All copyrighted and trademarked characters and images ARE FREE AND NOT BEING SOLD they belong to their owned copyright and trademark holders. *I do not hold any ownership over these designs only the photos being used in my designs. *These invitations are for personal one time only use. *This complies with the first-sale doctrine Act. This doctrine is also referred to as the "right of first sale," "first sale rule," or "exhaustion rule". I only charge for the personalised information that appears on each invitation/card and the time I spend in customising each invitation for my customers