Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ​Invitations!

These invitations are:
14.5cm x 10cm and fit into a standard sized C6 envelope.
They are printed premium 260gsm glossy professional photopaper card.
MAGNETS are available for the back of each invitation at an extra cost of 0.05cents for each invitation .
Cost: $1.00 AUD (minumum order 8)


*All copyrighted and trademarked characters and images ARE FREE AND NOT BEING SOLD they belong to their owned copyright and trademark holders. *I do not hold any ownership over these designs only the photos being used in my designs. *These invitations are for personal one time only use. *This complies with the first-sale doctrine Act. This doctrine is also referred to as the "right of first sale," "first sale rule," or "exhaustion rule". I only charge for the personalised information that appears on each invitation/card and the time I spend in customising each invitation for my customers.