Wedding Tissue Bombinierre

When the emotion of the day will bring a tear to the eye ...

offer your wedding guest these gorgeous little personalised wedding tissues!
Each re-sealable, clear plastic packet measures approximately 12cm x 7cm

                             Each features an insert fully personalized on both the front and the back, printed on high quality gloss
                   photo paper 2 single, individual genuine Kleenex® Aloe Vera pocket pack sized tissues
                                 are gently placed within the fold of your insert and then sealed into the clear plastic packet

Fonts and colourings of most pictures can be changed to suit your own preference, you need only ask.
I have extensive collection of fonts. If you have a particular font in mind just let me know.

Many more designs will be coming however if you have a picture of your own that matches your wedding stationery by all means ask me to incorporate it for you to match the occasion. Im only too happy to accomodate your wishes for Your Special Day!

Cost $1.00 per tissue packet.

You can change the wording to whatever you like or you may choose from many others as detailed below.

1. A wedding gown, a tux and tie. Hugs and kisses a time to cry.

2. If weddings always make you cry... here is a tissue to dry your eyes.

3. A day to remember, A love to share, A dream come true.  On this the most important day of our lives it means so much to receive

your wishes for our happiness.

4. Thank you for sharing our joy as our hearts become united as one.

5. We thank our family and friends for gathering together to wish us a love that will last forever.

6. Today Once Upon A Time becomes Forever

7. Thank you for sharing the beauty & joy of our special day.

8. He knew he loved her, it was something he could not hide. So he asked her to marry him, and she said "Yes, I will be your bride!".

9. Today we pledge our love in front of Family, Friends and God above.

10. From the moment they met it was a beautiful thing, they knew someday they would hear wedding bells ring.

11. Together is a wonderful place to be. We thank you, our dearest family and friends for helping us make our wedding day
a day to always cherish ...

12. Tears of love, Tears of laughter, Tears of Happily Ever After.

13. We thank our family and friends for gathering together to celebrate a love that will last forever.